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Images from childhood accompany us throughout our lifetime. I have grown inspired by Tintin comic strips, Beatrix Potter's illustrations, Walt Disney's characters, Holly Hobbie's America, Shepard's Winnie the Pooh... I'd love it if your children would recall my watercolor illustrations as part of their childhood memories!

I'm Alicia del Real

I am a graphic designer and illustrator living in Madrid. Those who know me say that I am sensitive and creative. I love a job well done and always pay attention to the small details. I enjoy the beauty of nature, painting, books and cinema.

Although I love to travel, I’m also very happy drawing or painting at home. In fact, as a child I spent hours scribbling everywhere – from paper napkins to old newspapers – immersed in my own world. This passion for drawing would eventually lead me to study the Fine Arts degree in Granada, finishing it in Madrid, where I obtained a Special Award from Madrid’s Universidad Complutense.

I carried out my work as a graphic designer in a few design studios and, after some years, I was ready to become a freelancer designer and illustrator.

The whimsical illustrations in Adealicia reflect my world of fantasy and Nature, like a blank canvas where I’ve let my imagination run wild.

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